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Gdańsk Shipyard

Gdańsk Shipyard

The Gdańsk Shipyard is one of the oldest and longest operating industrial plants in Pomerania. Its origins date back to the mid-nineteenth century. Gdańsk was under the rule of the Kingdom of Prussia. At that time, there was a corvette repair base, which was then transformed into a shipyard. In total, over 150 different types of U-boats were built here.

In the times of the People's Republic of Poland, the Gdańsk Shipyard was an almost self-sufficient organism, a "city within a city". It was not only a workplace, but also a place where free time was spent. It had its own recreation centers, kindergartens and nurseries, a hospital, a community center with a cinema and a library, and a sports hall. The employees of the plant were active, playing in the shipyard orchestra, participating in the activities of the dance group or sports sections - from skating to boxing.

Today, the Gdańsk Shipyard no longer exists, but some of its former areas still carry out production, including shipbuilding. Many facilities did not survive the passage of time, giving way to planned investments. A modern district is to be built here under the historical name of this area - the Young City.


Opening hours:

Monday 07:00–15:00
Tuesday 07:00–15:00
Wednesday 07:00–15:00
Thursday 07:00–15:00
Friday 07:00–15:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


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